Welcome to Wellness MedX, we are eager to get you back on the path towards optimal health. At Wellness MedX, we use advanced testing protocols to perform detailed physiological analysis in areas such as gastro-intestinal health, endocrinology, liver health, sleep patterns, physical injury, pain, etc., and then provide knowledge transfer and integrative medical remedies to help repair damage, promote health and bring the body back to balance.

Consultation Fees and Expectations

As a new patient, you will be scheduled for two or three visits with a practitioner, depending on your specific needs. The first visit is a scoping visit where we get to know you and understand your specific challenges or issues. During this visit, we order labs, usually serum (Blood tests) or saliva, which help us get a better understanding of the underlying issues.
During the second visit, we spend anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes to review your serum or saliva test analysis with you in order to articulate the findings and explain how they relate and affect your everyday life. If a third visit is necessary, you’ll be scheduled with a medical doctor from our team to provide pharmaceutical prescriptions as well as explanations of any other medical questions you may have about your issues. All three visits cost approximately $350 (Total) and this includes any other calls and inquiries you have about our program.

Laboratory services

We fully understand that most of our patients have insurance policies that cover bloodwork and we are more than happy to provide them with lab requests for our comprehensive panels to be processed at a preferred laboratory within their provider’s network. For patients who do not have health insurance or simply don’t want to use their insurance policies for reasons such as high deductibles that are not met, we provide testing at labcorp (which is our preferred lab) for $235. If you want to take advantage of our low-cost lab services, please “click here”. We submit lab requests in advance for patients who choose this option and expect that the patients can go into any labcorp facility in the nation to get this processed. These patients would then have to remit payment to us directly for the full amount of $235 to cover the lab services.

Please contact the main office at 310-372-8551 for additional questions about this process and we look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.


The Patient Care Team
Ph: +1 (661) 200-7760

New Patients

To proceed, please fill out the Lab Order Form and a medical assistant will be in touch with testing details and locations.