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The intelligent nature of the cells in our bodies not only create a natural self-healing environment, but also manage millions of processes needed to support physiological function such as maintaining homeostasis and meeting neuro and endocrine demands. Cellular damage is sometimes manifested as senescence cells caused by negatives such as antigens, oxidative stress and energy over-consumption. These damaged cells eventually lead to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammable bowel disease and cancer.

At Wellness MedX, we use advanced testing protocols to perform detailed physiological analysis in areas such as the gut, hormones, liver, sleep patterns etc., and then provide knowledge transfer and integrative medicine therapies to help repair damage, promote health and bring the body back to homeostasis.

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Valencia, CA, Wellness Clinic
Valencia, CA, Wellness Clinic
Valencia, CA, Wellness Clinic



At Wellness MedX, we not only strive for excellence but also focus on providing our patients with the best customer experience possible. From infrared sauna to cold pool, IV infusion and Normatec compression, our recovery program was designed to provide our customers with state-of-the-art recovery tools for cellular optimization and homeostasis. Below are the services we offer her at our Valencia facility.



Focus on Functional Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine

Poor nutritional choices could greatly impact cellular heath and bring about diseases. At Wellness MedX, we believe in bio-individuality (what’s good for one person could be bad for another). There is no “one size fits all” solution. Factors such as environment, career, family etc. usually dictate what, when, why and how a person consumes food. A comprehensive meal plan comprised of plant based, ketogenic, intermittent fasting and paleo choices, but dictated by daily activity, truly defines functional nutrition. This is why “no” diet is the best diet. Customized meal plans that include natural nutritional supplementation should complement proper strength training, balance, flexibility and mobility. All these factors in turn should properly complement hormone balance, energy, endurance and recovery.

At Wellness MedX, we combine among other things, functional nutrition, hormone and peptide therapy, metabolic testing and functional exercise to promote better fat oxidation, enhanced recovery, better weight management, enhanced physiological function and over-all homeostasis in the body.

Functional Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine

“Excellent services by experienced professionals. I can’t thank you enough. Your full body approach to health and nutrition has changed my life!”


“Thank you for everything! I have been feeling so much better after following your weight management program. Will recommend to my friends for sure!”